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Check us out on the Dave Nemo Open Road Channel Radio show every other Monday morning from 9:00 to 10:00 am at Satellite Radio XM 171 or Sirius 147.

The name of this show is “Safety Compliance and Common Sense.”

Each week we discuss the issues facing the trucking industry and particularly the drivers we depend on so much for everything we have.

Check out Dave Nemo’s web page at www.davenemo.com








One of our most important partners is the Law Offices of Saton & Husk.  Rick is a consultant to this firm.  For any and all of your Legal Work needs, from obtaining your authority, cargo claims, or lease and interchange agreements, there is not a more experienced firm that specializes in transportation law than Hank Seaton, John Husk and their staff.  www.transportationlaw.net  or 703-573-0700.