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Mock DOT Audit—One of the most effective services our clients use are our Mock Audit.  This is an excellent manager’s tool to insure that a carrier’s safety management programs, practices and procedures are effective in insuring a high level of compliance with the vast array of Federal Motor Carrier Safety and Hazardous Materials Regulations.  We believe that this is probably the most cost effective service we provide.   We like to say that it is one thing to believe that your company is in compliance with the regulations, it is another to know it.



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Back Room Safety Department—We currently serve as the Safety Department for several motor carriers.  Our services range from managing a carrier’s drug and alcohol testing program, log audits and up to and including providing a full service Safety Program.  Some of our clients request that we qualify their new drivers,  obtain MVRs, conduct employment background, safety performance and drug and alcohol history investigations.  We can customize this program to fit any needs

DOT Problems—DOT Fines—DOT/FMCSA initiates somewhere around 5,000 enforcement actions a year against motor carriers.  These actions are not $200 fines.  They are very large fines and can actually threaten a carrier’s ability to remain in business.  We work very closely with the motor carrier to assist them in improving their compliance levels and mitigating these penalties to the lowest possible amounts.


DOT Safety Ratings—One of DOT/FMCSA’s most effective tools to persuade a motor carrier to improve its level of compliance is through its Safety Ratings assignments.  An Un-Satisfactory safety rating is an “UnFit” determination and will result in an “Out-Of-Service Order” if not improved.  Conditional Safety Ratings issued to motor carrier’s often result in loss of customers, increase in insurance premiums and pose a serious risk in a civil proceeding  if any of these carrier’s vehicles are involved in a crash.

It is become much more difficult to improve a carrier’s safety rating in the last few years.  I recently wrote an article on this issue entitled Motor Carrier Safety Rating Upgrade Request, dated February 16, 2010.

We work with our clients until any less than Satisfactory Safety rating is improved to “Satisfactory”.