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News Clips

The News Clip files are provided to us by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, 

Feel free to download these files and distribute them as you wish.

Many motor carriers post these News clips in their drivers dispatch and break areas.

We have received very positive feedback about these news clips and feel that they provide valuable information to all of us as to what are the current issues facing our industry.

We want to thank FMCSA  for  providing to us this very important information.


Feel free to download any of the other files you have an interest in.


                 News Clips No 1140 Dated June 18, 2010         

                 News Clips No 1139 Dated June 17, 2010

                 News Clips No 1137 Dated June 15, 2010

                 News Clips No 1136 Dated June 14, 2010

                 News Clips No 1134 Dated June 10, 2010

                 News Clips No 1132 Dated June 8, 2010

                 News Clips No 1131 Dated June 7, 2010

                 News Clips No 1130 Dated June 4, 2010


FMCSA-News Clips